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Free from sugar and additives, just pure herbs, spices, flowers and tea.


Sweet dreams

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You give yourself some “me-time”


Here at Praana, we ensure the best produce is selected to infuse that special little something into your day. With our extensive range of blends and organic teas available to buy online, and each with its own personality and flavour profiles, we’re confident you will be pleased what the selection we have available.

The name Praana is from Sanskrit and has the very apt meaning of - life breath, life force, the root to all life. This encompasses everything we are about, while our products and various types of tea will help detox your body and calm the mind.

Filled With Organic Goodness

All of our blends are completely natural and free from artificial flavours and preservatives. As they extract the best qualities that nature intended, they are a good source of natural antioxidants which can then help purify your skin, detox your body and even soothe the soul.

Bursting with natural flavours, 100% organic and infused with the finest selection of herbs, spices, flowers and tea, our complete range can provide you with caffeine-free cup filled with organic goodness to enrich your day with.

Buy Our Herbal Teas Online

We have various organic teas and herbal tea blends available for you to try, and best of all we even provide free delivery Australia wide. Whether you’re seeking tea to help rejuvenate and detox, or just to enjoy a little bit of me-time, our various types of teas can be enjoyed at any time during the day.

We have a large list of suppliers located throughout Australia, and our herbal and organic teas are available in many outlets across the country. We are always looking for new distributors of our exclusive products, please enquire with us today to join our list of suppliers.

For more information about our products, please call us on 0402 117 755.

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