Purifying – Tea of the month

Tea of the month is a strong purifying herbal tea with six

organic herbs designed to purify yor skin and body.

Nettle is a wonderful health-boosting herb and is one of the six herbs in Praanas Purifying tea. Nettle Leaf has a pleasantly refreshing and slightly bitter taste and is known for it’s may health benefits.

Peppermint Leaf makes Praana Purifying a delicious, calming tea that is invigorating in the morning. It can also improve your digestion after a meal.

Fennel resembles dill in the garden with its bright, yellow flowers in large, flat terminal umbels, and green feathery leaves, however the licorice aroma makes it easy to tell the two apart.

Dandelion has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for centuries, although you probably think of dandelion as a weed. Dandelion taste good, are low in calories and are packed with vitamins.

Turmeric has been used in India and other Asian countries as a spice, for medicinal purposes, and in tea. It’s mildly aromatic and has scents of orange and ginger.

Liquorice, is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavour can be extracted. The sweet flavour has 30–50 times the sweetness of sugar, but the sweetness is very different from sugar, being less instant, tart, and lasting longer.

A carefully selected blend of herbs to purify skin and body.

Ingredients: Nettle leaf, peppermint leaf, fennel seed, dandelion leaf, turmeric root, and licorice root.

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