Pure nature in a cup


We have carefully selected herbs and spices by their function & flavor, based on ancient wisdom and traditions.

When selecting the name for our delicious herbal tea the word PRAANA came to mind.

It is Sanskrit, and means life-breath, life-force, the root to all life, and it embodies the traditional use of herbs throughout the ages.

  • PRAANA Herbal Teas condense the rejuvenating powers of nature into liquid form.
  • Probably the best organic herbal tea in the world
  • Our organic teas feature natural herbs, roots, spices & leaves and are steeped in an ancient Ayurvedic system of well-being that has thrived for 5000 years.
  • The unique and elegant packaging is designed in Norway.
  • PRAANA Herbal teas are blended and packed in the United Kingdom using organic ingredients imported from around the world.
  • All PRAANA blends are 100% natural
  • All herbal blends are caffeine-free
  • PRAANA offers 16 delicious herbal tea varieties at the moment .
  • Packed in double chamber teabags, no metals used.
  • Sealed envelope to keep aroma and freshness.
  • Retail boxes without¬† plastic wrapping.
  • 20 tea sachets / retail box.
  • Shelf-life 36 months.




Victor Ragu Nathan
Distributor Australia
M: 0402 117 755
T:  1300PRAANA